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Bonehand Reviews - An Introduction by Steven J Holetz

Let’s face it, much of our time on this planet is occupied with the pursuit of keeping our little brains entertained. And as
long  as there has been something to entertain us, we heve had strong opinions about it. We have wanted to share our
opinions with one another since prehistoric times, when a caveman first looked at his friend incredulously & said:

“Dude, what do you mean you haven’t seen the new cave paintings? They are freakin’ AWESOME! Seriously, get your
lame ass over there as soon as we’re done killing this thing!!”

 Personally, I am a big fan of reviews. Be it music, movies, books, cars, musical equipment, running shoes, video games,
restaurants or cookware, there is virtually nothing that I will purchase without first attempting to find at least one opinion
on the subject. I love the fire you see in someones eyes as they tell you about a personal favorite. Sure on occasion I get
home with the newly acquired media and find the passion a bit misplaced to my own taste, it’s only natural. But I have to
respect the passion behind it.

When I first started mulling over the the concept of what would become, I definitely wanted it to include
a review aspect. A few of my inspirations:

One common denominator that most of the above sources share is that they are primarily creations of fans.When it
comes to reviews, I find the enthusiastic zeal of a fanatic infinitely preferable to the dispassionate, "fairly balanced"
air of the professional critic. As such, a more "unbalanced" philosophy (for lack of a better term) will be reflected
in these reviews, along with ALL the same originality, careful thought and variation that you've come to expect

Hopefully, I will be able to turn some of you on to something cool that you never knew existed, or warn you
before you buy something that you might hate. Of course, some of you will do just that, based upon on a review
that you find here. It’s inevitable. For example, to my last breath I will never comprehend Gordon’s response to
my recommendation of the CD Ass Pocket ‘o Whiskey by R.L. Burnside. A great modern electric blues album
in my opinion, an inexcusable bag of crap in his. So, if you do end up with something that sucks because of me,
my answer to you is: you’ll get over it. Gordon did.

As always, praise & hate-mail may be directed to  

  Copyright  2007 Steven J Holetz

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