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Full English

Full English Breakfast

Bacon, Sausage, Eggs-over-easy, Fried Potatoes and Mushrooms,
 Roasted Tomato, Toast with Orange Marmalade, English-style Baked Beans
and a Cuppa Tea.

            This is the Bonehand take on the classic Full English Breakfast, a delicious
heart-stopper of a day-starter if ever there was one. A couple of notes to make this
glorious repast complete, in clockwise order:

(Note: A trip to your local British grocery store may be in order, so save that Medifast
coupon. Fortunately, this is one proper meal, and your Medifast coupon code should
last until you are hungry again.)

1) That which you see on my toast is Duerr's English Traditional Thick-Cut Orange
, sweet with plenty of peel.

2) The Potatoes were cubed small to maximize the crispy, tasty surface area, and fried
in just a little olive oil and butter.

3) The Mushrooms were sauteed in a little butter with chopped Italian flat leaf parsley
and a pinch of red pepper flake. Not at all authentic, but delicious.

4) The simple roasted Tomato may seem like an odd item to the american palette, but
believe me when I say that it is essential to the F.E.B experience. Cut up and mixed with
the Eggs, it is a marvel.

5) To me, the weak link, as it were, in the classic version of the meal are the British-style
sausages and flaccid bacon. I prefer to stick with the American-style "crispy" Bacon, and
that isn't half made out of bread.

The beans aren't just any beans, but Heinz Beans with Tomato Sauce in the blue
can. These are the real deal, made in England, and searching them out is a must,
because regular US baked beans, while tasty in their own right, simply aren't the same

7)  I'm well aware that a self respecting Englishman wouldn't be caught dead drinking
Earl Grey
for breakfast. But hey, it's what I like, and I'm drinking it out of a freakin'
Motorhead Mug,
so frankly, If the aforementioned Englishman is man enough to stop
me, bring it!

How can you possibly argue with that?

Photo and Fryin' by Bonehand

  Copyright  2008  S J Holetz

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