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A quarter century in the making, The BoneBat Show is a tri-weekly joint project from
the creators
of Bonehand.com and Mightywombat.com. It is an audio collection of the
intermittantly hilarious,
profanity laden musings, declarations and arguments of longtime
friends Steve and Gord, set to
original, funky beats, and converted to zeros and ones for
your listening pleasure. Please enjoy
WARNING:  BoneBat consists almost entirely of adult language and juvenile content, and as such should not
be listened to by: children, adults, the elderly, anyone who is pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant, anyone
who is having sex right at this moment, the capriciously litigious, the humor-impaired, our mothers, pigeons,
chickens, ducks, or turkeys, costumeless-high-school-age-trick-or-treaters, rats, former employers, parents,
telekenesists, little people, the blind, the deaf, people who taunt wild animals, the French, crocheters, rapelling
sommeliers, dead cats, customer service professionals, clowns, Julie's Dad, PDF's, GRRM, our children, Gord's
Mother-In-Law,  residents of West Virginia, women who have had multiple breast implants, dead seals, philatilists,
women, frogs
, the developmentally disabled, Cincinnati drivers, Washington Drivers, teenagers, or anyone with
a modicum of good taste, sense, and/or dignity. Listener discretion strongly advised. You have been warned.
Don't come bitching to us later.


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"THE BEER AND CANDY SHOW!" -  posted 10/20/14

The Pine Box Boys LIVE at
                                      Deep Blues Fest NW3

The Pine Box Boys! Live at Deep Blues Fest NW 2014. Photo by Bonehand.

This Episode: Your hosts Fruit Sparks and Salty Toblerone celebrate Hallow
een in style, as
gorge themselves on the finest beer and candy, serve up a trio of Seattle area haunt tours
from Stalker Farms, Shadows Haunted Attraction and Nightmare at Beaver Lake;

interview directors JUSTIN ARMAO of Bloodsucka Jones and STEVE LANGE of Junk
Bonds: The Return Of Junkbucket,
in anticipation of  the forthcoming
at Central Cinema; and enjoy killer new cuts while shooting the breeze with
of The Pine Box Boys, on his latest menagerie of musical mayhem, Lester
T Raww's Graveside Quartet!
All this plus What Pisses Us Off, Gord's Weerd Stuffs, and
Multimedia Triage reviews of the films The Box Trolls
and Sleepaway Camp; the books
by Nick Harkaway, David Liss's The Day of Atonement, and G.G Silverman's
Vegan Teenage Zo
mbie Huntress; and the games Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, Cannon
from Turtle-Sandbox, Mass Effect DLC and more
fill your brain to bursting in this
awfully overstuffed episode 123 of
The BoneBat Show!

BoneBat's Cinema
                                                Bloodbath at Central


Bloodsucka Jones Junkbucket 2 Junk Bonds

Episode One-Hundred-and-Twenty-Three Music:
This episode we kick open the crypt to "Teddy Bear has Teeth" by Lester T. Raww's Graveside Quartet,
taken from the 2014
release of the same name, followed by "Mad Molly's Last Day on Earth", "Another Foggy Xmas
"MoonRocks" and  our first featured cut, "
Dancing on Your Grave". We then shift gears to Sam Haynes for a
haunt music, with "Carnival" feat. Ghoulshow from the 2014 release Ghost Stories. We then creep back to the
Graveside Quartet's alter egos The Pine Box Boys for
"The Devil Is In The Dust", "And Your Lips", "Sweet Southern
Smile", "Good Boots"
and "Let Us Refrain",
from the 2012 Worms EP, before returning to the Graveside Quartet
second spotlight song "The Evil Ugly Twins".
Then it's back to PBB's 2007 classic Stab! for the title cut, "Crow",
"West Memphis Daddy", "Tardy Hearse", "Will You Remember Me?", and "I Got Excited", interrupted by third
featured tune "The Widow Paris" by LTRGQ. Next, Sam Haynes makes with some more top quality haunt music,
as we thrill to "Death Comes Creeping In" and "HeXed" from 2014's Spine Chillers. We return to Stab! for "Garden
of Stars" and "Wedding Gown", revisit The Graveyard Quartet for 4th feature "Sally's Pet Chainsaw", then hit
once last time for "More Pride Than Priors", "Prester John in Appalachia", "Mr. Skeleton", "Rattling Chains",           
and "Great Journey".  Finally, we jump ahead to 2011 and The Pine Box Boys' Tales from the Emancipated Head,
with "Theme from the Emancipated Head" and "Pretty Little Girl", grab one last spooky taste from Sam Haynes
with "The Spirit of Halloween" from Spine Chillers, then get a little more Head with "Frankenstein", "I Was A
Teenage Necro", "Waltzing Through The Graveyard", and "Live Brains", the Graveside Quartet serves up our 5th
featured tune in "The End of Your Thread", before we close things up with "Blood" from Tales from the Emancipated
and closing tune "I Like It Here" from Lester T. Raww's Graveside Quartet. Our super-secret bonus cut comes
courtesy of Steve Lange.

Lester T.

Worms  Tales
                                                          from the
                                                          Head   Stab!

All the music played in episode 123 was written and/or performed by the above artists, used courtesy of
their own bad selves
. Check 'em out at the above linked websites, or buy a CD by clicking the covers above.
Be like Steve and Gord and SUPPORT INDEPENDENT MUSIC!


Be sure to visit the Haunts from our 2014 tours! Time is running out!

As reviewed in this episodes Multimedia Triage. Click the covers for more information.

Tigerman  Day Of
                                                          Atonement  VZTH  The
Pre-Sequel Cannon
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(425) 296-6557 and we will discuss what pisses YOU off in our very next episode!
Don't miss your opportunity to vent BoneBat Style!

  Happy Halloween from Fruit and Salty!



"Unhinged Sevenfold!" 10/05/14

Jorge and Barefoot Barnacle, opening for
                Dillenger Escape Plan, March 2008.
Jorge Meneses and Barefoot Barnacle, opening for Dillenger Escape Plan at El Corazon, Seattle, 2008.                            

This Episode: Steve and Gord
celebrate 7 years of jokes, rants and incredible independent
music on the occasion of the show's septennial anniversary, and revisit some of their favorite
cuts and rarities in memory of good friend and longtime contributor
Jorge Meneses.
All this plus the announcement of BONEBAT'S CINEMA BLOODBATH
at Central Cinema,"What Pisses Us Off", Gord's Weird Stuff, and MultiMedia Triage
reviews of the novels Martian by Andy Weir, and Conn Iggulden's The Conqueror; and the
films Maze Runner, Only Lovers Left Alive and Oculus, strain your sack in this illegal in
California episode 122 of The BoneBat Show!
   Jorge Meneses
We dedicate this episode to the memory of our friend Jorge Meneses, seen here in the BoneBat Studios in 2008.

This episode, we kick things off with "Urine Feces" from Barefoot Barnacle's 2010 self-titled debut, followed by
"Swamp Ass", "Sea Enemy", "Isopod Seduction", "The Creature's Hypnotic Hoax", "Severe Anal Regurgitation"
and a little "Kattywhompus", en route to our first featured cut , "Beer and Lotion". This is followed by the entirety
of "
Kattywhompus", "Against a Crooked Sky", "Comments from the Peanut Gallery", and our second spotlight tune,
the alternate take of "Kattywhompus" from the unreleased collection Greatest Shits. We stick with that release for
"Pubic Pig Tales", "
The Beauty of Bestiality", and a variant "Sea Enemy" prior to
third featured track "Mike The
Headless Chicken". Finally, we revisit "Beer and Lotion" and a whiff of "Urine Feces" before closing with Luke
of Sleep Terror, and his heartfelt tribute 
"For Jorge"

                Barefoot Barnacle Banner
The majority of music in Episode 122 was written and performed by Barefoot Barnacle, used courtesy of their own bad
Check 'em out via Facebook HERE, or buy their CD by clicking the banner above. Luke Jaeger's amazing work
can be found on Bandcamp under his own name, in addition to Sleep Terror, give him a listen!
Be like Steve and Gord,
As reviewed in this episode's Multimedia Triage. Click the covers below for more info.

Martian  Only
                                                          Lovers Left
                                                          Alive  The
                                                          Conqueror  Oculus                

Gord's webtoons, blather & more can be found 24/7 at WWW.MIGHTYWOMBAT.COM



"FanPAXtic!" 09/23/14

                             BoneBat 121
                by Abby Howard

This Episode: Steve devours
PAX PRIME 2014, and once again YOU ARE THERE, as we
serve up game-centric interviews featuring Darkest Dungeon, Tales from the Borderlands,
Behemoth's Game 4, Lichdom:Battlemage, Interstellar Marines, Alienware's
for 2014, Upsilon Circuit, Gigantic, Tumblestone, and Fistful of Gun; and learn about the
latest hotness from the editors of Dark Horse Comics and Paizo Games; highlighted by great
new tunes from SHUBZILLA AND BILL BEATS! All this plus "What Pisses Us Off",
Gord's Weird Stuff,
and MultiMedia Triage reviews of the novel Half a King by Joe
the BBC series Black Mirror, the latest album from The Monophonics,
and the season 2 finale of Telltale Games The Walking Dead level you up in this pleasantly
pixelated episode 121 of The BoneBat Show!      

 Shubzilla and Bill Beats, LIVE at the Lo
Shubzilla and Bill Beats, Live at the Lo Fi, 8/29/14. Photo by Skamama.

Episode One-Hundred-and-Twenty Music:
This episode we kick things off with "Empty", taken from SHUBZILLA and BILL BEATS 2014 release Dinner and
a Movie
followed by "Frank Lloyd Wright", "On Fire", "(Skit)", "Intermission", and "From Home", leading into our
first featured cut "Round and Round". We break things up during the first round of interviews with Bill Beats' take on
"The Imperial March", then get back to business with second spotlight track "Jump and Such". We then break in to
the duo's Campaign Mixtape for "JOYstick", followed by a few VPC rareties and our third featured tune, this time
from 9K1, "Puff Puff Pass". The Bill Beats cut "You can call him Bill" segues nicely between interviews, en route to
our fourth featured song, Dinner's "Borrowed Love", and we dabble briefly in "Do Bad Things" before hitting our fifth
and final featured tune "Baby Steps" from The Campaign Mixtape. Finally we groove on a few more rareties and
single "Hello Kitty Swag", before dimming the lights with "Closing Credits", once again from Dinner and a Movie.

Dinner and
                                                        a Movie  Bill Beats
                                                        for President
                                                        Vol. 1                                                                                        

All music in Episode 121 was written and performed by SHUBZILLA and BILL BEATS, used courtesy their own
selves. Check
out SHUBZILLA via bandcamp HERE, her FaceBook page HERE, or buy a copy for yourself by
clicking the cover above. Likewise, visit track BILL BEATS at NOIRGRIME HERE, or on the Facebooks HERE
Be like Steve and Gord, and

PAX Prime 2014
                  Dungeon Dark Horse Tales from the BorderlandsGame 4 from Behemoth
 Lichdon   Paizo   Interstellar Marines
Alienware Upsilon
 Fistful of Gun   Borderlands 0   Evolve
Gigantic  Able
                  Gamers  World of Warships

As reviewed in this episode's Multimedia Triage. Click the covers below for more info.

Monaco  Half a
                                                          King  Black
                                                          Mirror  Hellboy:
                                                          The Storm and
                                                          the Fury   
PLUS!     Monophonics!    Walking Dead!  
   And more from Mike Mignola!    

Gord's webtoons, blather & more can be found 24/7 at WWW.MIGHTYWOMBAT.COM


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