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A quarter century in the making, The BoneBat Show is a tri-weekly joint project from the creators of
Bonehand.com and Mightywombat.com. It is an audio collection of the intermittantly hilarious,profanity
laden musings, declarations and arguments of longtime friends Steve and Gord, set to original, funky beats,
and converted to zeros and ones for your listening pleasure. Please enjoy responsibly.


WARNING:  BoneBat consists almost entirely of adult language and juvenile content, and as such should not be listened to by: children, adults, the
elderly, anyone who is pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant, anyone who is having sex right at this moment, the capriciously litigious, the
humor-impaired, our mothers, pigeons, chickens, ducks, or turkeys, costumeless-high-school-age-trick-or-treaters, rats, former employers, parents,
telekenesists, little people, the blind, the deaf, people who taunt wild animals, the French, crocheters, rapelling sommeliers, dead cats, customer service
professionals, clowns, Julie's Dad, PDF's, GRRM, our children, Gord's Mother-In-Law,  residents of West Virginia, dead seals, philatilists, women, frogs,
Cincinnati drivers, Washington Drivers, teenagers, or anyone with a modicum of good taste, sense, and/or dignity.  Listener discretion strongly advised.
You have been warned. Don't come bitching to us later.


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"WRAPPED UP!" -  posted 05/08/16

The SIFF Cinema Uptown Marquee at the 2016 BoneBat Film Fest! Photo by Bonehand.

This Episode: Gord and Steve recall their favorite moments from the 2016 "Comedy of
Horrors" Film Fest, air tremendous live tunes from Lester T. Raww's Graveside Quartet
and The Pine Box Boys from this years festival, and announce this year's VIEWERS
CHOICE AWARD winners, complete with interviews from directors Sam McGlynn and
Ning Cheng; and look to the future with Bloodsucka Jones director Justin Armao in honor
of the Indiegogo campaign for Bloodsucka Jones Vs. The Creeping Death! All this plus
What Pisses Us Off and Multimedia Triage reviews of  the films The Jungle Book and
Keanu, as well as TV's Game of Thrones and The Detour, wrap up the festivities in this
deliciously dank episode 142 of The BoneBat Show!

The Pine Box Boys LIVE at the 2016 BoneBat Film Fest! Photo by Bonehand.

Episode One-Hundred-and-Forty-Two Music:

This Episode we kick things off with a LIVE rendition of  "Will You Remember Me?" from The 2016 BoneBat
"Comedy of Horrors" Film Fest,
courtesy of The Pine Box Boys,
followed by Lester T. Raww's Graveside Quartet
and the tunes "Dancing on Your Grave" etc!

                                                          Feast of Three
                                                          Arms     Sings  
Arkansas Killing

All the music played in episode 142 was written and/or performed by the LesterT, Raww, The Graveside Quartet,
and The
Pine Box Boys,
sed courtesy
of  their own bad selves
. Check 'em out at the above linked websites, or
buy a CD by clicking the covers above.
Be like Steve and Gord and SUPPORT INDEPENDENT MUSIC!

Gord's webtoons, blather & more can be found 24/7 at WWW.MIGHTYWOMBAT.COM
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                                                          heart attack
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Don't miss your opportunity to vent BoneBat Style!



- posted 04/09/16


This Episode: Steve and Gord are thrilled to present your complete preview of the
2016 BoneBat "Comedy of Horrors" Film Fest, as they deliver in-depth interviews
with writer/director Jordan Galland of AVA's POSSESSIONS, HEIR producer Zach
Green, and PATCHWORK writer/director Tyler MacIntyre; along with brand new
music from 2016 musical guests THE PINE BOX BOYS, tunes from Sean Lennon's
official soundtrack for AVA's POSSESSIONS, and even more spectacular surprises!
All this plus another shovel full of What Pisses Us Off, more Gord's Weird Stuff,
and Multimedia Triage reviews of the the films Zootopia and Batman Vs. Superman:
Dawn of Justice; TV's Daredevil and The Walking Dead; and the shorts World of
Tomorrow from Don Hertzfeldt and Paul Armstrong's Voices Thrown Silent,
whet your appetites in this filmically fortuitous episode 141 of The BoneBat Show!

                                                          Possessions <HEIR Patchwork

Episode One-Hundred-and-Forty-One Music:

This episode we kick things off  with "Mighty, Mighty Preacher", taken from the 2016 release The Feast of Three
from The Pine Box Boys, followed by "Teddy Bear has Teeth", "Dancing on your Grave", and "Another Foggy
Christmas", 2015's
Lester T. Raww's Graveside Quartet Sings your Children To Sleep, before returning to The
Feast of Three Arms
for our first featured track, "He Killed the Band". We then slip into Sean Lennon's Ava's
Possessions OST
for the songs  "Demon Daughter",  "Spirit Possession Anonymous", "Naphula's Theme", "Blood
Stain Sonata", "Different Drum", "Abbadon The Annihilator", "Hazel's Waltz", "Demon Dinner", "Lach Mich Tot"
(bonus track), "Lullaby For Murder" (bonus track), and our second spotlight cut "Blame Beelzebub". Then, it's back
 to the previous release, for LTRGQ's  "Evil Ugly Twins", "Mad Molly's Last Night on Earth",  and "The Widow Paris",
followed by a live rendition of "Teddy Bear Has Teeth" from the 2015 "Comedy of Horrors" Film Fest, as our 3rd
featured tune. Next, we close out Sings with "Sally's Pet Chainsaw" and "The End of Your Thread", before serving up
our fourth spotlight song "Comfy in My Coffin", also from 2016's The Feast of Three Arms. We then move on to
The Pine Box Boys
2011 ROUNDER Tales From The Emancipated Head, and the songs "The Theme From The
Emancipated Head", "Pretty Little Girl", "Frankenstein", "I Was A Teenage Necro" and "Waltzing Through The
Graveyard", en route to our 5th featured track "Ava's Awake", from Sean Lennon and the Ava's Possessions OST.
We then serve up The Emancipated Head's "Live Brains", "No Room Left For Barbara", "Massacre On Confusion
Hill?", "The Doomer",  "Blood",  and "A.M. Radio Floating In Blood", before closing with Olly Williams and John
take on The Cramps "Human Fly", taken from The Fly Soundtrack..

                                                          Feast of Three
                                                          Arms   Ava's
                                                          OST   Sings

All the music played in episode 141 was written and performed by the attributed artist, used courtesy of their own
bad selves. Check out  The Pine Box Boys at their official site HERE, or on FB HERELester T. Raww's Graveside
Quartet RIGHT HERE, and the work of Sean Lennon HERE, or buy some tunes by clicking the covers above.




The Fly  Innsmouth  Last
                                                          Halloween  Security


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