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The BoneBat Show


01/28/18    Episode 164 of The BoneBat Show!

This Episode: Steve and Gord are thrilled to present your complete preview of the
2018 BoneBat "Comedy of Horrors" Film Fest, as they deliver in-depth interviews
with writer/director Lowell Dean of ANOTHER WOLFCOP, DOUBLE DATE
director Benjamin Barfoot and Writer/Actor Danny Morgan, and
a chat with 2018
musical guests DEVILWOOD,
as well as soundtrack music from Goat, Shooting
, and more!
All this plus What Pisses Us Off, and Multimedia Triage reviews
of the films Ready Player One, Isle of Dogs, and Lazer Team, TV's The Terror, and
the short Netflix acquires Seth Rogen, whet your appetite in this cinema-centric
episode 164 of 
The BoneBat Show!

Heavy Half Hour


011/19/17    Episode 48 of the Bonehand Heavy Half Hour!


Featuring Music from: Arisen From Nothing, Burning of I, The Haunted, Witchery,
Entombed and Allegaeon! 

The Heavy Half Hour!
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