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The BoneBat Show


12/17/16    Episode 150 of The BoneBat Show!


This Episode: Steve and Gord celebrate the season with an update on the Kickstarter
campaign for the 2017 BONEBAT "COMEDY OF HORRORS" FILM FEST, and
are joined
Seattle's own TAD DOYLE to discuss SUB POP's recent TAD album reissues,
and his latest project, BROTHERS OF THE SONIC CLOTH! All this plus the aired
grievances of What Pisses Us Off, Gord's Weird Stuff goes uptown, and Multimedia
Triage reviews of  the films Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, Spectoral,
Imperium, The Seige of Jadotville,
and A Christmas Horror Story; the new Scream
Factory Blu Ray release of Black Christmas, Telltale Games Batman, and the end of
CHEW from Image Comics, are stuffed right down the old chimney in this friskily
festive episode 150 of The BoneBat Show!

The BoneBat Show!

Heavy Half Hour


02/23/15    Episode 47 of the Bonehand Heavy Half Hour!


Back from the dead to bang your head, featuring the music of Carcass, At The Gates, The
Dagger, Dragonforce, Entombed
, Gehennah, Toe-Tag and Brothers of the Sonic Cloth!
The Heavy Half Hour!
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