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Somehow you have managed to find your way to Bonehand.com. Congratulations on your exceptional mouse skills & exquisite taste. My
intention here is to present something new, every Sunday. Be it a podcast, work of fiction, an essay,
a work of art, a piece of music or even a
review, the idea is to bring something to the table that will interest, entertain
or inspire. Perhaps even two of the three.
Any more than that is probably pushing it.

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06/07/15    Episode 131 of The BoneBat Show!


This Episode: Steve and Gord bring you another delicious dose of Horror goodness, as they
relive Crypticon Seattle 2015 highlighted by interviews with 2015 Crypt Icon award winner
Sid Haig and Dawn of the Dead's Ken Foree, break down Dead of Winter LIVE, then rock the
house with brand new cuts from original NWOBHM stalwarts RAVEN, sealing the deal with
by conversing with band founder, frontman and bassist JOHN GALLAGHER!
All this plus
What Pisses Us Off, Gord's Weird Stuff, and Multimedia Triage reviews of the films Mad
Max: Fury Road, Kung Fury, Circus of the Dead
and Ex Machina, as well as the game
Nuclear Throne
round out this clown-and-fury ridden episode 131
of The BoneBat Show!

The BoneBat Show!

Heavy Half Hour


02/23/15    Episode 47 of the Bonehand Heavy Half Hour!


Back from the dead to bang your head, featuring the music of Carcass, At The Gates, The
Dagger, Dragonforce, Entombed
, Gehennah, Toe-Tag and Brothers of the Sonic Cloth!
The Heavy Half Hour!
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